Adam Rivera

Adam Rivera was born on the island of Puerto Rico. In the early 1970’s, he and his family relocated to Chicago, Illinois. Adam spent most of his childhood growing up in the neighborhood of Little Italy, on the Southwest side of the city.

In the mid 1980’s at the tender age of twelve Adam met a neighbor of his, actor the late Dennis Farina. Spending time with Dennis whenever he was in town helped Adam gain more knowledge of the Entertainment Industry, which was fascinating for someone his age. A few months later (Spring of 1986), heading to school for the last day before summer-break, Adam couldn’t believe what he experienced the moment he opened his front door. The whole entire neighborhood was given a facelift, decorated with antique vehicles from the 1960’s parked curbside, Motion Picture equipment trucks, key light equipment, cameras, actors, etc. This was such an adrenaline rush for Adam. Excited to race home after school, he was thrilled to witness as episodes of the TV Series Crime Story were being filmed.

In the beginning of 1989 Adam was asked by the Wozniak’s if he would be interested in helping out with The Motion Picture “Backdraft” that was being filmed in his neighborhood. Adam agreed to do so, and assisted Location Manager Michael Malone, and Academy award winning Set decorator Garrett Lewis.

“Surrounded by high-profiled industry professionals such as Ron Howard, Kurt Russell, Scott Glenn, Billy Baldwin, Jennifer Jason Leigh plus many more at such a young age, gave me such an inspiration to get involved at a much larger scale later in life”. – Adam Rivera

Being involved with such a major Hollywood project, Adam became more aware of what went on behind the scenes of films. The neighborhood in which Adam lived was no stranger to movies and television shows being filmed, and this occurred quite often. These types of experiences made his passion for film and television much greater. In spring of 2007, Adam relocated to Hollywood, California to pursue his lifelong dream of Producing and Directing.

A Puerto Rico native and transplant from Chicago, Adam currently works in Los Angeles as a Producer, Director for TV shows and films. As a key part of the team, his creative and strategic expertise brings value to all stages of the production, including writing, planning, producing and directing. Adam’s expertise in negotiations and cache of resources help to reduce production costs.

As an entertainment business professional, Adam helps orchestrate the buying, selling, distribution and publicity of major media deals in the entertainment industry. He has also established a stature with a commitment to developing talent and representing people in the entertainment industries. He also has a respected reputation and strong relationships with a vast network of industry professionals. Adam has an experienced background in entertainment production, commercial, commercial print, theatrical, multimedia, social media influence, branding, and among other areas in the entertainment and media industries. He has worked with talented professionals all across the globe.

In 2008, Adam founded Ionz Media Group LLC, a premier entertainment organization possessing extensive expertise in the worldwide music, modeling, television, and film industries. Initially created as a booking agency, Ionz Media Group has discovered and championed some of the hardest working musicians, models, and actors, since its existence. Early on, the company under the name of Infinite Entertainment coordinated and promoted hundreds of shows/events headlining a multitude of high-profiled entertainers. Ionz Media Group further expanded to create an artist management division. Through artist development, Ionz Media Group nurtured local performers from the ground up, guiding them through recording and album releases, radio and Internet promotion, marketing campaigns and touring. Adam currently manages a vast array of talented entertainment industry professionals.  Adam created the branding of Ionz Media Group LLC, which also includes Ionz.FM and Ionz.TV. “Being versatile is what I enjoy the most” Adam mentions. From creating new music, new concepts for his artists’, new avenues to venture, coordinating and being innovative, producing new film & television shows, and high-profiled events.

“We are proud of our achievements as a management company, in particular with the producers Steve Poindexter & Pizarro, & Darryl Pandy who each have sold over 10 million records worldwide and headlined venues of all sizes, up to and including stadium arena’s, and convention centers.”

Adam helps propel his entertainment clients in the right direction. He works diligently to keep Ionz Media Group’s commitment to managing, developing, and growing industry talent. Our unique team’s experience in industry deals, and Hollywood’s exclusive connections set our company apart from all others in the industry. With a dedicated professional staff helping you every step of the way, Ionz Media Group provides reliable services with the respect and enthusiasm you deserve. Integrity in business dealings and a clear-cut understanding of clients’ needs guarantees Ionz Media Group’s continued success in the future.

Adam currently has well over forty (40) films and television productions he has worked on. He is always in development with future projects, and has worked on production in Hollywood, Las Vegas and Chicago. He continues to keep a strong alliance with some of the largest production houses in the U.S. From the Box Office to DVD and streaming platforms, Adam continues to create new content and production. Truly a lifestyle he has always dreamt of. Adam has no intention of stopping just yet…. stay tuned.
“The Future of Entertainment”



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